The EXP is the next evolution of Zendrum Instruments.

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The ZAP 2 is a compact stationary MIDI controller designed with a smaller footprint specifically to fit in tight spaces and studio environments. Four adjustable threaded feet customize the playing angle for desktop workstation beats. It can be mounted to a snare stand (via optional universal adapter) for live playing situations. Solid heavyweight wood species were chosen for beauty and lasting value as well as for density and trigger isolation, even in the toughest onstage playing conditions. The ZAP 2 features 25 triggers in five rows which can be played as a single instrument with many different articulations, or used as separate voices to be expressed individually or together with a minimum of physical effort. The ZAP 2 is even more adaptable as a melodic instrument with the Zendrum default note map scales suggesting many pplications, playing techniques and creative possibilities. The ZAP 2 uses Zendrum’s proven electronics and trigger components with 3 extra 1/4″ trigger pedal inputs and a 1/4″ sustain pedal input for “drummer-friendly” footwork as well as the Zendrum momentary sustain button on the top that acts as a “choke” for longer sounds and MIDI effects.

Standard accessories shipped with the ZAP 2 include direct-connect 12vdc power supply with locking connector, 25′ MIDI cable, ZenEdit Visual Editor, and instruction manual.

Length 10.5″
Width 12″
Height 2.5″
Weight 7 lbs.


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