Zendrum Finishes

Zendrum Finishes

From Beautiful “Natural Wood” Finishes to our “Custom” Classics.

Here are the various finishes you can order on your Zendrum.

When you place an order, you will select the finish you want from the drop-down options menu. Most finishes require more custom work and so they are priced accordingly. Not all finishes are available on all products.

Korina Natural

Walnut Natural

Rock Maple Natural

Rock Maple Purple Sparkle

Rock Maple Purple Sunburst

Rock Maple Cherry Sunburst

Rock Maple Classic Sunburst

Rock Maple Vintage Sunburst

Rock Maple Tobacco Sunburst

Figured Cherry Natural

Flame Maple Natural

Flame Maple Red

Flame Maple Green Sunburst

Flame Maple Sapphire Blue Sunburst

Flame Maple Honey Sunburst

Flame Maple Blue Sunburst

Rock Maple Piano Black

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