Warranty Information

Every Zendrum is designed, built, and personally tech supported by Zendrum inventor and co-founder David Haney.

Should you ever need service or upgrades, Zendrum Corporation is a user-friendly, personal service-minded company.  We stand behind every instrument we build, and our good reputation depends on your satisfaction.  We do not anticipate that you will ever experience mechanical failure, but if problems do occur, we will be happy to troubleshoot, tech support, and if needed, repair your instrument.  You will be responsible for shipping charges, as well as customs, duties, taxes, etc. where applicable.  Zendrum will be responsible for parts and labor only. 

If you’d like to speak with me personally, please call my cell or send me an email.

David Haney, Inventor and Co-Founder



Zendrum Instrument Warranty

The Zendrum is warranted “for life” (meaning David Haney’s lifetime, not yours) from defects in workmanship, provided it has not been modified from its original factory state or abused.  The warranty is in effect as long as YOU are the original owner of this instrument.  It is the sole judgment of Zendrum Corporation to decide what constitutes abnormal wear and tear.  Tampering with any circuit board, internal components, or wiring will void your warranty and could permanently damage your instrument.

Our percussive instruments are designed by drummers to be played vigorously with the hands.  They are not intended to be played with sticks or mallets, and doing so will ultimately void your warranty as well as potentially damaging the triggers or finish of the instrument.

Our MALLET INSTRUMENTS, however, are intended to be played with mallets but NEVER drumsticks. We recommend a medium rubber or yarn mallet.

Zendrumdrive Warranty

Every Zendrumdrive is warranted for one year from date of purchase provided that it has not been abused, modified, or altered.  What constitutes normal wear and tear is the sole discretion of Zendrum Corporation.  We will warranty parts and labor and our default programming only.  We cannot warranty additional third-party software, hardware installed by the end user, any files uploaded from external sources, or any damage caused to outside equipment by altering the original factory state of your Zendrumdrive.  We cannot warranty any changes you make to our settings or configurations.  In the event of shipping back for service issues, you will be responsible for all shipping fees, proper packaging, and providing adequate insurance coverage.  You must understand and accept your personal responsibility before connecting your Zendrumdrive to the internet, downloading and installing software or hardware. While it is possible to do many things other than the default programming and setup performed by Zendrum Corporation, our legal liability for your actions must end where your personal actions, including but not limited to alterations and modifications, begin. 

Caring for Your Instrument

Our instruments are hand-carved from solid hardwood. Regardless of finish type these instruments should be protected from the elements, as wood will expand and contract with exposure to dampness, humidity, or extreme heat or cold. This can potentially warp your instrument or damage your High-Gloss finish. Please store and transport your instrument with this in mind. These, and all other Zendrum products, should not be left uncovered for lengthy periods in direct sunlight, as damage may potentially occur. We recommend using compressed air to dust your instrument and keep particles from scratching the surface. Wipe surfaces with a clean, soft cloth to remove fingerprints. Double check the closure of your instrument case or gig bag BEFORE picking it up. Inspect all power supplies and cable connections regularly. Do not put wires and power cables where they will be stretched or stressed to the limit. Do not bind the cables where they will become crimped because this will damage the internal copper strands.

Instruments with Live Finishes

Any instrument with a live finish (including, but not limited to, Zebrawood instruments or Walnut surfaces on our Mallet Pro Series) requires regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.  These instruments should not be subjected to extreme humidity or temperature conditions, and as such, should always be stored in reasonable areas not subject to large swings in humidity or temperature.  Any live, non-gloss, finish (such as the Walnut on our Mallet Pro series) can be maintained with regular application of an appropriate wood care oil such as Old English or Danish Oil applied to a clean, soft cloth and NEVER poured onto any surface.   

Damaged Finishes

In the unfortunate event that an accident does occur, please contact us immediately, as certain damaged NON-GLOSS finishes may potentially be repaired by you without the need for returns.  Any instrument with a cracked high gloss finish can be returned to Zendrum Corporation and refinished for $400.00.  In this event, all shipping charges incurred will be the sole responsibility of the customer.


Because every Zendrum Instrument and Accessory is Custom Built and Inspected by David Haney and his team in a lengthy process designed to provide you with a musical product manufactured with intricate craftsmanship and outstanding electronic component quality control, All Sales Of All Products Sold by Zendrum Corporation Are Final and Not Eligible For Refund, Exchange, or Returns. That being said, David Haney Personally Stands Behind Everything Sold By Zendrum Corporation, and He Will Work Tirelessly to Ensure Your Satisfaction In Everything He Has Ever Produced. If You Ever Need Assistance of Any Kind with your Zendrum Product, David Haney Will Personally Help You. 

This warranty does NOT cover:

  1. Any instrument modified or altered in any way after original shipment from Zendrum headquarters.
  2. Any instrument that has been damaged due to misuse, neglect or accident.
  3. Any instrument that has been subjected to extreme humidity or temperature conditions.
  4. Any instrument that has been serviced by unauthorized persons.
  5. Shipping damages of any kind.
  6. Normal wear and tear (including, but not limited to, small scratches on triggers, belt buckle marks on instrument backplates, minor cosmetic bumps or scratches to finishes, damage      from accessories, etc.) or damages to or discoloration of the instrument finish for any reason.  What constitutes normal wear and tear is the sole discretion of Zendrum Corporation. 
  7. Instruments that have been damaged due to improper or incorrect usage of strap locks.
  8. Instruments that have been damaged due to improper or incomplete closure of gig bags, butterfly latches on Mallet Instrument cases, or butterfly latches on Zendrumdrive cases.
  9. Instruments or connected electronic equipment that have been damaged by a worn MIDI cable, power cable, 8-Channel snake, or 1/4″ instrument cable.
  10. Shipping or freight charges to and from Zendrum Headquarters for customer-owned goods.
  11. Claims by anyone other than the original registered owner.

Zendrum Corporation’s sole and exclusive responsibility shall be as provided under this warranty and under no circumstances shall Zendrum Corporation be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. This limited warranty is your exclusive remedy and is made in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. All implied warranties, including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby expressly limited in duration to the duration of this written warranty. No person, whether or not an agent, is authorized to make or assume any obligations other than those stated in this warranty. Zendrum Corporation shall not be liable for any expenses, claims, or suits arising out of or relating to any of the foregoing.